Learning SwiftUI with NetNewsWire

After the release of SwiftUI 2.0 on WWDC 2020, I got excited and want to learn more about it. What is better than learning a new tech by building a real-world app? Here it goes my learnings…


I got the chance to learn SwiftUI from an open-source project called NetNewsWire. It’s an RSS reader app for iOS, iPadOS and macOS. Build with UIKit/AppKit.

Shameless plug:- It’s a cool app, you should check it out

After the WWDC, contributors to the project had a zoom call and decided to hop on the SwiftUI train. It’s not new for the team. They have already burnt the hand by investing some time last year when the SwiftUI 1.0 was released. For various reasons the team had to stop and rollback everything done on SwiftUI. Since there are lots of improvements on 2.0, we have decided to try it to build the existing multi-platform app with the all-new SwiftUI multiplatform.

The whole team is ramping up with the latest cool beta things and I learnt a ton by implementing some small set of features on the Settings screen for iOS/iPadOS. One of my goals, when I started learning, is to share what I have learnt via blog posts. So I’m gonna kick start a set of blog posts which explains specific new features from SwiftUI 2.0.

The whole NetNewsWire community is great and I like to thank Brent Simmons for creating this project and making it open-source, Maurice Parker,Stuart for helping me and correct my direction whenever I lost in track, and all other contributors and users. If you would like to join, please check out our slack group. Everybody is welcome and encouraged to join.