Hidden messages from Advent Of Code challenge

Incase if you don’t know Advent Of Code is a small programming puzzles which can be solved in any programming language of your choice. It runs throughout the December and each day the complexity will increase.

This year the over all theme was about Santa on some other planet and how we help him to reach earth on time for Christmas. I started little late on Day 2 and tried to catch up all 4 puzzles.

Interesting thing I found today is one of the puzzle input was to figure out the input values to get output as 19690720.

If you look closely to the value it’s actually a Date - 1960/07/20. Which is the exact date of Apollo Moon landing. 🤯 Also lots of keywords and things used on Apollo Guidance computer like Noun and Verb. Never expected hidden messages from the puzzle. Good Job for the Apollo nostalgia Eric Wastl

P.S: If you are following the advent calendar and wanted to check my solution in swift, you can check at this repo on Github. I will try to push it to GitHub whenever I found a solution.